Calling Guide

Find out how to call within the UK, call abroad from the UK and call the UK from overseas.

Guide to calling

Calling within the UK

01 and 02 numbers within the UK

Telephone numbers beginning 01 and 02 are for calling different geographical areas of the UK. These numbers will be home landline numbers or business telephone number.

07 numbers in the UK

Mobile phones use telephone numbers beginning 07. Pagers also use these numbers at the beginning of the number.

08 numbers in the UK

Numbers beginning 08 in the UK will be charged at higher rates than normal numbers when calling them. The exception is 0800 and 0808 numbers which are free to call at all times within the United Kingdom.

Calling abroad from the UK

To call abroad from the UK simply dial '00' followed by the country telephone code. Then type the local telephone number. Different countries have different calling instruction. Please see our individual country code pages. You can access all country international dialing codes by viewing the international calling codes.