Dial codes in the UK

Find dial codes for locations across the United Kingdom.

DialCodes in the UK provides you with a phone guide to the entire United Kingdom, as well as area codes by city, mobile numbers, and international dialling codes. Whether you're looking to contact a different location in the UK or find out what number is trying to call you, you can use our simple search option to look up whatever number, city, or area code you want to learn more about.

How to use

Use DialCodes in the UK’s UK Phone Code Guide to find in-depth information on ranges of area codes (01-02, 03, etc.). This information deep dive lets you discover the history of the area code, the cost to call, their location or locations they cover, their general usage, and whether they are geographic or non-geographic. Travelling and want to confirm what service codes function where you're going? We provide a list of Social Services numbers in use across the UK, where they apply to, and who they'll put you in touch with.

Getting a phone call and aren't sure from where it's originating? Our Area Codes by City page lets you search for the area code trying to contact you and find out what locations it covers, the provider, and when it was assigned. You can also se other area codes in this county, a map of the area, and the cost of calling these numbers in case you want to return a missed call.

Need to find out what mobile number is trying to get in touch with you? Our Mobile Numbers and Prefixes page covers a huge range of ‘07’ mobile numbers. Search to find the code, provider, and assigned date to get more information on the number trying to reach you.

If you're an international caller looking to contact someone in the UK, or someone in the UK looking to dial internationally, you can search for hundreds of prefixes for countries around the world on our International Codes page to confirm the international dialling code. You can also search for the country to learn how to call out from that country, and how to call into that country, with relevant examples.