0897 Numbers

0897 numbers are service numbers that are charged at special rates. Called the ‘inbound number’, the 0897 number is an incoming call-only number that is used by many companies throughout the United Kingdom. An incoming call-only number means that they can’t usually be used to make outbound calls.

There can be several reasons someone would want to have a 0897 number. For one, a 0897 number can disguise a caller’s geographic location. This can be beneficial for companies that function nationally, since there is no specially assigned area code for the company. This makes it more likely that customers won’t be turned off by a long distance area code calling them.

Another benefit of 0897 numbers is that, once it’s assigned to you, you can route it to any number in the world. So if you change your location, your number can go with you. This is ideal for expanding businesses.

History of 084 and 087 area codes

Originally introduced in 1996, 0897 numbers were for services that cost the same as standard local rate phone calls. In 2001, the 0397 and 0697 prefixes were annulled and their numbers were also transferred to the 0897 code.

In the mid-2000s, the cost of 0897 numbers changed and they began to be charged at a range of rates. Following this in 2015, all 084 and 087 numbers were switched to a new two-part charging structure that uses both the service charge and the access charge. Companies are restricted from using a 0897 number for post-sales customer service lines.

Cost to call 0897 numbers

Calling 0897 numbers are charged an access charge that is paid to your phone company and a service charge that is set by the company or organization you are calling. The service charge is usually between 0p to 7p per minutes and the access charge ranges from 8p to 65 p per minute.

Any 084 numbers are charged in the same way and have the same technical features. Any numbers that start with 0897, regardless of the following digits, cost the same. After the changes in the mid-2000s that saw 0897 numbers skyrocket, there have been recent changes that have drastically reduced the cost of calling these numbers. British Telecom (BT) has aided this by making sure that costs related to 0897 numbers are usually free (usually up to a certain amount per month). If customers aren’t on a BT call plan, most landline providers still average the costs of calling these numbers between 3p and 5p per minute.

Calling a 0897 number from a landline can cost more than 10p per minute; however, some providers include it alongside numbers starting with 01 and 02 minutes in inclusive call packages. Choose a provider from the table below for more information on their pricing.

Prefixes and Providers

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0897 900Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd
0897 901Simwood eSMS Limited
0897 902Barritel Limited
0897 903Magrathea Telecommunications Limited
0897 904Localphone Limited
0897 905Node4 Ltd.
0897 906Vodafone Ltd (C&W)
0897 907(aq) Limited trading as aql
0897 908Ziron Limited
0897 909Virgin Media Limited
0897 910Microtalk Europe Limited
0897 911Suretec Systems Ltd
0897 912BT
0897 913Voxbone SA
0897 914Sky UK Limited
0897 915TelXL Ltd
0897 916Citrus Telecommunications Ltd
0897 917VoiceHost Limited
0897 918Content Guru Ltd16/07/2019
0897 920TalkTalk Communications Limited14/01/2019
0897 922Redwood Technologies Ltd10/05/2019

Other 4-digit Prefixes