019646 Area Code - Patrington

The 019646 area code is used for Patrington (County of East Yorkshire) and the areas directly surrounding Patrington, which includes 5 distinct locations. Most 019646 numbers are used for landlines. However, they can also be purchased by companies or organizations to be used for services that don’t have any connection to the Patrington area.

Previously, the area used 09646 as their area code. This changed in April 1995 during the phONEday event, where it was changed to the 019646 area code to accommodate the growing population and supplement the shrinking supply of phone numbers in East Yorkshire.

Number Structure

Area CodeNumber
019646x xxxx

Locations Covered

Cost of calling 019646 numbers

Typically, calls to the 019646 area code are very affordable and are some of the cheapest apart from freephone numbers. During peak times when calling from a landing, expect to pay between 10p to 12p per minute. In the evening or on the weekend, it will cost you between 5p and 10p per minute. If you are calling from a mobile phone, these costs increase to 30p to 50p per minute.

Prefixes and Providers

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01964 600KCOM Group Limited19/05/1999
01964 601KCOM Group Limited19/05/1999
01964 602KCOM Group Limited19/05/1999
01964 603KCOM Group Limited19/05/1999
01964 604KCOM Group Limited19/05/1999
01964 605KCOM Group Limited19/05/1999
01964 606KCOM Group Limited19/05/1999
01964 607KCOM Group Limited19/05/1999
01964 608KCOM Group Limited19/05/1999
01964 61BT15/07/1994
01964 62BT15/07/1994
01964 63BT15/07/1994
01964 65BT15/07/1994
01964 66Magrathea Telecommunications Limited24/09/2004
01964 67BT15/07/1994
01964 68Syntec Limited09/02/2006
01964 69Vodafone Ltd (C&W)09/09/2013

Map of Patrington

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