Calling Qatar from the UK

Instructions for calling from the UK to international locations requires special calling codes that allow you to connect to countries outside of the United Kingdom.

Calling out to Qatar

Here are the instructions on how to call the country of Canada from the United Kingdom.

To call Qatar, dial 00974 and then enter the phone number of the person or location you’re trying to reach. If the phone number is displayed with a leading +974 omit the 974 and replace it with the UK international dialing code of 00. For example:

Phone Number in QatarDialed from the United Kingdom
+974 xxxx xxxx00 xxxx xxxx
4033 529600 4033 5296

How to call the UK from Qatar

To call a landline or mobile phone in the United Kingdon from Qatar, dial 00 44, then dial the UK phone number, minus the leading zero. For example:

if you want to call the UK number it should be dialed as
01863 397 89300 44 1863 397 893

Map of Qatar

Other Country Codes in Asia

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