01969 Area Code - Leyburn

The 01969 area code is used for Leyburn (County of North Yorkshire) and the areas directly surrounding Leyburn, which includes 6 distinct locations. Most 01969 numbers are used for landlines. However, they can also be purchased by companies or organizations to be used for services that don’t have any connection to the Leyburn area.

Previously, the area used 0969 as their area code. This changed in April 1995 during the phONEday event, where it was changed to the 01969 area code to accommodate the growing population and supplement the shrinking supply of phone numbers in North Yorkshire.

Number Structure

Area CodeNumber
01969xx xxxx

Locations Covered

Cost of calling 01969 numbers

Typically, calls to the 01969 area code are very affordable and are some of the cheapest apart from freephone numbers. During peak times when calling from a landing, expect to pay between 10p to 12p per minute. In the evening or on the weekend, it will cost you between 5p and 10p per minute. If you are calling from a mobile phone, these costs increase to 30p to 50p per minute.

Prefixes and Providers

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01969 20TelNG Limited01/03/2007
01969 21SKD 4 Limited22/07/2014
01969 23Syntec Limited17/11/2005
01969 24Localphone Limited23/05/2007
01969 25FleXtel Limited31/10/2005
01969 26BT08/01/1996
01969 277Spitfire Network Services Limited14/11/2011
01969 290Digitech Solutions Global Limited25/06/2012
01969 291YayYay Limited24/04/2015
01969 292Inet Telecoms Ltd (Voipfone)21/10/2011
01969 293Internexus Networks Limited22/11/2011
01969 294Hello Telecom (UK) Limited03/02/2012
01969 295Bicom Systems EURL01/03/2012
01969 30Net Solutions Europe Limited19/12/2005
01969 31Voiceflex Limited26/09/2007
01969 320Phone Co-Op Numbering Limited23/12/2010
01969 322ICC Networks Ltd17/07/2012
01969 324Ziron Limited01/08/2012
01969 325Content Guru Ltd10/10/2012
01969 326Sky UK Limited26/06/2013
01969 327Minotaur Telecom Limited05/02/2013
01969 328Vizion Communication Limited04/04/2013
01969 329i.net communications Group PLC15/07/2013
01969 330Inclarity Communications Limited22/02/2013
01969 331Inclarity Communications Limited22/02/2013
01969 332Inclarity Communications Limited08/11/2012
01969 335Inclarity Communications Limited22/02/2013
01969 34Barritel Limited27/06/2006
01969 35Nationwide Telephone Assistance Ltd02/10/2007
01969 368TalkTalk Communications Limited19/01/2012
01969 369TalkTalk Communications Limited19/01/2012
01969 38Teledesign Ltd16/10/2007
01969 39TTNC Limited14/11/2013
01969 40VoIP-Un Limited07/11/2007
01969 41Entanet International Ltd20/12/2007
01969 42AQL Wholesale Ltd03/01/2008
01969 430Orbtalk Limited01/12/2017
01969 431Zapappi Ltd05/01/2018
01969 432Club Communications13/08/2018
01969 433Number Services Ltd.22/11/2018
01969 434IP Voice Networks Ltd20/09/2017
01969 437Timico Limited15/03/2016
01969 439Fuse 2 Communications Ltd03/07/2017
01969 44Net-Work Internet Ltd28/01/2008
01969 45Redcentric Solutions Limited05/06/2015
01969 46Telecom2 Ltd10/09/2009
01969 47Nodemax Limited17/07/2008
01969 48Timico Limited09/06/2008
01969 49Starcomm Ltd02/10/2008
01969 500Voxbone SA12/12/2011
01969 51Served Up Limited22/10/2008
01969 53Solutios Limited27/11/2008
01969 54Andrews & Arnold (Numbers) Ltd15/04/2009
01969 55IPV6 Limited13/02/2009
01969 56Mars Communications Limited05/02/2009
01969 57Telecoms World PLC02/07/2009
01969 58Vectone Mobile Limited07/07/2009
01969 59CFL Communications Limited21/07/2009
01969 60Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd28/04/2005
01969 61(aq) Limited trading as aql28/09/2012
01969 62BT15/07/1994
01969 630Linear Telecoms Limited19/10/2010
01969 64BT15/07/1994
01969 65BT15/07/1994
01969 66BT15/07/1994
01969 67Magrathea Telecommunications Limited24/09/2004
01969 68Vodafone Ltd (C&W)09/09/2013
01969 69GCI Network Solutions Ltd02/05/2017
01969 70Nexus Telecommunications Limited07/10/2009
01969 710Atomstream Limited14/04/2010
01969 711Metronet (UK) Limited21/05/2019
01969 712Telappliant Ltd29/06/2010
01969 713Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited02/12/2010
01969 714VoiceHost Limited06/10/2010
01969 715Simwood eSMS Limited13/08/2010
01969 716Windsor Telecom Ltd29/07/2010
01969 717Suretec Systems Ltd13/05/2010
01969 718Telephone Box Limited23/11/2010
01969 730Invosys Limited10/04/2012
01969 731Nexbridge Communications Limited09/03/2012
01969 733IP Wholesale Limited01/06/2017
01969 734Barritec Limited23/09/2011
01969 736API Telecom Limited19/04/2012
01969 737Invoco Ltd28/05/2012
01969 738IOVOX Limited04/07/2012
01969 739XoverX Ltd30/04/2013
01969 741Adepteo Limited29/11/2016
01969 742Kalnet4U Ltd06/06/2013
01969 744iHub 2 Limited18/05/2016
01969 745Colt Technology Services18/07/2016
01969 746Alnitak GmbH07/07/2017
01969 747Redwood Technologies Ltd15/11/2018
01969 748Dial 9 Communications Limited08/01/2020
01969 749Hemshore Ltd16/05/2016

Map of Leyburn

Other Area Codes in this County (North Yorkshire)

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01944West Heslerton

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