0303 Numbers

0303 numbers are special use landline numbers that are not tied to any geographic location. This means that when you receive a call from a 0303 number, you have no way of knowing where it’s coming from. These numbers are used for government bodies, charities, public sector, and not-for-profit organizations and are in use across the UK. While the numbers aren’t tied to any geographic location, they don’t cost any more to call than standard, geographic-based landline numbers, like 01 or 02 numbers.

Since 0303 numbers don’t cost any more to call than a normal home or business landline, that means they are often included in call packages if you’re calling from a landline, or in included ‘talktime’ or bundled minutes when calling from a mobile.

0303 numbers were introduced as an alternative to chargeable 084 and 087 numbers. 0300 numbers let companies have a single point of contact for customers or interested parties without having to charge people extra to call them.

Calling costs for 0303 numbers

While a 0303 number is not categorized as a freephone number, calling them will not result in any added charges. Any 0303 number you call should be charged at your standard network rate. This applies to all 0303 numbers you call, no matter what the digits are afterwards.

Prefixes and Providers

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0303 000Net Solutions Europe Limited26/03/2007
0303 003Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd12/04/2007
0303 010One Network Limited17/05/2011
0303 020TelXL Ltd20/04/2007
0303 030Timico Limited29/02/2016
0303 031Telecom2 Ltd24/08/2009
0303 033Nextec UK Limited26/11/2013
0303 040Magrathea Telecommunications Limited26/03/2007
0303 050Served Up Limited20/10/2008
0303 060Accounts Centre Limited16/07/2010
0303 080BT12/02/2019
0303 081BT12/02/2019
0303 082BT12/02/2019
0303 083BT12/02/2019
0303 100i.net communications Group PLC21/07/2008
0303 123BT11/04/2007
0303 131Mintaka Limited30/12/2013
0303 132Teledesign Ltd08/11/2007
0303 141Atomstream Limited22/04/2010
0303 201TeleSurf Limited07/04/2010
0303 222Telecoms World Direct Ltd11/01/2011
0303 232Business Broadcast Communications Ltd16/10/2009
0303 300Nexus Telecommunications Limited30/12/2008
0303 303Windsor Telecom Ltd26/03/2007
0303 313Colt Technology Services26/03/2007
0303 330Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd20/02/2008
0303 333Vodafone Ltd (Thus)07/02/2012
0303 334Storacall Technology Limited19/11/2009
0303 335Telecoms Cloud Networks Limited06/07/2015
0303 344Suretec Systems Ltd28/05/2010
0303 366GCI Network Solutions Ltd20/04/2017
0303 444Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd05/06/2009
0303 445Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd05/06/2009
0303 456BT15/02/2016
0303 555Telecoms World Direct Ltd25/06/2014
0303 666GCI Network Solutions Ltd20/04/2017
0303 770Content Guru Ltd02/11/2007
0303 888Telecoms World PLC03/11/2009
0303 999Windsor Telecom Ltd17/10/2012

Other 4-digit Prefixes