0372 Numbers

0372 numbers are special use landline numbers that are not tied to any geographic location. This means that when you receive a call from a 0372 number, you have no way of knowing where it’s coming from. These numbers are used for government bodies, charities, public sector, and not-for-profit organizations and are in use across the UK. While the numbers aren’t tied to any geographic location, they don’t cost any more to call than standard, geographic-based landline numbers, like 01 or 02 numbers.

Since 0372 numbers don’t cost any more to call than a normal home or business landline, that means they are often included in call packages if you’re calling from a landline, or in included ‘talktime’ or bundled minutes when calling from a mobile.

0372 numbers were introduced as an alternative to chargeable 084 and 087 numbers. 0300 numbers let companies have a single point of contact for customers or interested parties without having to charge people extra to call them.

Calling costs for 0372 numbers

While a 0372 number is not categorized as a freephone number, calling them will not result in any added charges. Any 0372 number you call should be charged at your standard network rate. This applies to all 0372 numbers you call, no matter what the digits are afterwards.

Prefixes and Providers

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0372 003TalkTalk Communications Limited28/04/2014
0372 010i.net communications Group PLC03/06/2014
0372 011i.net communications Group PLC03/06/2014
0372 012i.net communications Group PLC03/06/2014
0372 02424 Seven Communications Ltd26/02/2013
0372 032Daisy Communications Ltd30/04/2014
0372 036BT03/06/2010
0372 042BT03/06/2010
0372 044Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd21/06/2012
0372 050GCI Network Solutions Ltd03/05/2017
0372 051GCI Network Solutions Ltd03/05/2017
0372 052GCI Network Solutions Ltd03/05/2017
0372 056GCI Network Solutions Ltd03/05/2017
0372 059GCI Network Solutions Ltd03/05/2017
0372 061GCI Network Solutions Ltd03/05/2017
0372 069GCI Network Solutions Ltd03/05/2017
0372 073GCI Network Solutions Ltd03/05/2017
0372 074GCI Network Solutions Ltd03/05/2017
0372 079TalkTalk Communications Limited13/01/2011
0372 081TalkTalk Communications Limited13/01/2011
0372 083TalkTalk Communications Limited13/01/2011
0372 084TalkTalk Communications Limited13/01/2011
0372 086TalkTalk Communications Limited13/01/2011
0372 102Dynamic Mobile Billing Limited18/03/2016
0372 104Dynamic Mobile Billing Limited18/03/2016
0372 109GCI Network Solutions Ltd03/05/2017
0372 110Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 111Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 112Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 113Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 114Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 115Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 116Content Guru Ltd23/04/2014
0372 117Content Guru Ltd23/04/2014
0372 118Content Guru Ltd23/04/2014
0372 119Content Guru Ltd23/04/2014
0372 120Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 121Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 122Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 123Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 124Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 125Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 126Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 127Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 128Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 129Affiniti Integrated Solutions Limited09/08/2007
0372 130Content Guru Ltd23/04/2014
0372 13324 Seven Communications Ltd26/02/2013
0372 142Magrathea Telecommunications Limited03/10/2017
0372 14424 Seven Communications Ltd26/02/2013
0372 145Magrathea Telecommunications Limited03/10/2017
0372 148Vodafone Ltd (Energis)02/09/2014
0372 150Sigma Voice Solutions Ltd07/03/2014
0372 151Sigma Voice Solutions Ltd07/03/2014
0372 152Sigma Voice Solutions Ltd07/03/2014
0372 153Sigma Voice Solutions Ltd07/03/2014
0372 154Sigma Voice Solutions Ltd07/03/2014
0372 155Sigma Voice Solutions Ltd07/03/2014
0372 156VoIP-Un Limited06/07/2017
0372 172Vodafone Ltd (C&W)09/05/2014
0372 235Virgin Media Limited29/03/2012
0372 238Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd21/06/2012
0372 250GCI Network Solutions Ltd03/05/2017
0372 252Magrathea Telecommunications Limited03/10/2017
0372 258Magrathea Telecommunications Limited03/10/2017
0372 261Vodafone Ltd (Energis)02/09/2014
0372 288GCI Network Solutions Ltd03/05/2017
0372 289GCI Network Solutions Ltd03/05/2017
0372 290Core Telecom Limited19/02/2014
0372 291Core Telecom Limited19/02/2014
0372 292Core Telecom Limited19/02/2014
0372 293Core Telecom Limited19/02/2014
0372 294Core Telecom Limited19/02/2014
0372 295Core Telecom Limited19/02/2014
0372 297Core Telecom Limited19/02/2014
0372 306TalkTalk Communications Limited28/04/2014
0372 307TalkTalk Communications Limited28/04/2014
0372 308TalkTalk Communications Limited28/04/2014
0372 309TalkTalk Communications Limited28/04/2014
0372 331Telappliant Ltd11/06/2014
0372 341Business Broadcast Communications Ltd07/07/2016
0372 342Magrathea Telecommunications Limited03/10/2017
0372 357Business Broadcast Communications Ltd07/07/2016
0372 358Business Broadcast Communications Ltd07/07/2016
0372 359Business Broadcast Communications Ltd07/07/2016
0372 361Business Broadcast Communications Ltd07/07/2016
0372 36224 Seven Communications Ltd26/02/2013
0372 363Spitfire Network Services Limited22/09/2015
0372 369Business Broadcast Communications Ltd07/07/2016
0372 376Business Broadcast Communications Ltd07/07/2016
0372 377i.net communications Group PLC03/06/2014
0372 37824 Seven Communications Ltd26/02/2013
0372 380Business Broadcast Communications Ltd07/07/2016
0372 38424 Seven Communications Ltd26/02/2013
0372 388TalkTalk Communications Limited28/04/2014
0372 39924 Seven Communications Ltd26/02/2013
0372 40024 Seven Communications Ltd26/02/2013
0372 414TeleSurf Limited23/07/2015
0372 435Invosys Limited15/05/2014
0372 436Invosys Limited15/05/2014
0372 437Invosys Limited15/05/2014
0372 438Invosys Limited15/05/2014
0372 443TeleSurf Limited23/07/2015
0372 445TeleSurf Limited23/07/2015
0372 446Virgin Media Limited08/04/2016
0372 447TeleSurf Limited23/07/2015
0372 448TeleSurf Limited23/07/2015
0372 449TeleSurf Limited23/07/2015
0372 450TeleSurf Limited23/07/2015
0372 451TeleSurf Limited23/07/2015
0372 459Numbers Telecom Limited11/02/2016
0372 460Magrathea Telecommunications Limited03/10/2017
0372 461Numbers Telecom Limited11/02/2016
0372 462Vodafone Ltd (C&W)09/05/2014
0372 463Numbers Telecom Limited11/02/2016
0372 465Numbers Telecom Limited11/02/2016
0372 467Numbers Telecom Limited11/02/2016
0372 483Magrathea Telecommunications Limited03/10/2017
0372 494VoiceHost Limited27/02/2012
0372 555Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd21/06/2012
0372 556Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd21/06/2012
0372 557Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd21/06/2012
0372 601Vodafone Ltd (Energis)02/09/2014
0372 610Cloud Telecom Ltd23/09/2015
0372 616VoiceHost Limited25/06/2014
0372 617VoiceHost Limited25/06/2014
0372 618VoiceHost Limited25/06/2014
0372 619VoiceHost Limited25/06/2014
0372 637Voice Simplified Limited06/06/2014
0372 683Liquid 11 Limited06/10/2014
0372 685Liquid 11 Limited06/10/2014
0372 707Redwood Technologies Ltd20/11/2018
0372 729Invosys Limited26/04/2016
0372 732Telecoms World Direct Ltd21/07/2014
0372 739Performance Telecom Limited21/06/2016
0372 750i.net communications Group PLC03/06/2014
0372 757Redwood Technologies Ltd20/11/2018
0372 772Redwood Technologies Ltd20/11/2018

Other 4-digit Prefixes